Bike Maintenance

It is recommended that you get your bike serviced to check that all parts are working correctly.

A service includes tightening all nuts and bolts, lubricating the chain, adjusting gears and much more.

A full and thorough check is carried out.

A regular service means your bike will last longer and more importantly, keep you safe on the road.

Little Sports Bikes are also an Authorised Service Centre to Micro Scooters, contact us for more information.

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Price List of the services we offer

Full Bike Service – from €45

  • Pump Wheels
  • Disconnect all Cables
  • Oil all Cables
  • Check:
    • Wear on Chain, Block and Chain Wheel
    • Wear on Brake Pads
    • Wear on Rims of Each Wheel
    • Heat Set
    • Bottom Bracket
    • Wear on Tyres
  • Tighten
    • Every Bolt on Bike
    • Pedals
    • Cranks
  • Adjust Gears Running Smooth
  • Through Wheels


All replacement Parts are an additional cost.

Replacement Parts

New Tube €10 – €15
New Tyre €15 – €45
Wheel Buckle Repair €10 – €20
Brake Service (price on request)

Does your bike need a tune up?

Get in touch to arrange a service for your bike