Northwave Jet EVO Cycling Shoes

Northwave Jet EVO Cycling Shoes

Northwave Jet EVO shoes with polyurethane upper and very comfortable mesh with Airflow ventilation system, closure system with 2 Velcro straps and Nylon and fiberglass outsole compatible with SPD pedals for those requiring a technical and lightweight sole with the necessary comfort.

- Weight: 263 g
- Regular Fit

- NRG Sole
Nylon outsole with fiberglass of reduced weight and a rigidity superior to the normal. Optimal for cyclists who want a technical product without sacrificing comfort.

- Integrated Heel System
The new monocoque construction of the upper part allows to integrate an efficient heel retention system inside the structure, without the need for external elements. Same efficiency with weight reduction.

- Be Visible Be Safe
Secure pedaling in low visibility conditions! The use of Northwave high visibility products is a smart choice if you move in the chaotic traffic of the city or on interurban roads in low light. In this way, drivers of cars and trucks can easily recognize the presence of the cyclist and maintain the correct safety distance. Northwave's high visibility line stands out as the perfect recipe to achieve the ideal mix between road safety and daring look.